At The Lawn Ranger we have professionals who have been certified to diagnose and treat

Turf grass diseases can be one of the most difficult problems to deal with.  One of the biggest issues involved with treatment of a lawn disease is proper diagnosis of the problem.

At The Lawn Ranger we have professionals who have been certified to diagnose and treat different types of turf grass diseases.  Whether it is the result of winter mold, or spring dead spot or other diseases we can help. This process involves a certified turf grass professional's visit to your lawn to closely inspect symptoms and take a sample to test if necessary.  Once the diagnosis is complete, a recommendation for treatment is made.  Our trained professionals can then apply the selected treatment to leave you with a revitalized lawn.

Common Colorado Turf Grass Diseases:
- Necrotic Ring(About 6-12" in patches of brown turf, eventually looks like a "frog-eye")
- Ascochyta Leaf Blight(
Large uniform areas of straw/brown colored turf).  
- Snow Mold(
Pink & Gray, can be spotted by uniform bleached color on dormant turf)
- Leaf Spot & Melting-Out(
Small dark purple and black spots on individual blades of grass)
- Anthracnose(
Occurs in cool, wet conditions, where the base of the grass plant stem rots)
- Dollar Spot(
Grass develops lesions that start yellow and then bleach out to tan, and can be up to 1" long)
- Fairy Ring(
Appears as circular ring or bands of lush green grass.  Mushrooms or puffballs may be present)
- Powdery Mildew(
Spots or patches of white or gray powder like growth on grass blades)

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