Lawn aeration is a crucial ingredient for all lawns.  Not only does lawn aeration allow water to penetrate down to the root systems of the grass plants, but it also encourages air movement to the root zone and limits soil compaction which are both important for overall turf grass health.  Along with this, aeration also helps to eliminate thatch buildup which can be beneficial to weeds and insects. We recommend lawn aeration as part of a regular lawn maintenance program.  Aeration should be done at least once a year, but preferably twice, once in the spring and once in the fall.  We use top of the line equipment to ensure that we pull the deepest aeration cores possible.  If you have scheduled an aeration service be sure to water your lawn thoroughly before to ensure the soil is soft enough to allow for the best possible results with your aeration.   

Depending on the size of lawn that you have and the ease of entry, aeration prices range from around $40 per yard.  We provide aeration service for Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, Lone Tree, and other Southwest Denver communities.

Before Aerating:
- Mowing your lawn
- Watering your lawn - the wetter the better
- Marking sprinkler heads

After Aerating:
- Fertilize.  Now that nutrients can get to the roots it is a great time to fertilize.
- Allow plugs to dry out.   Many people will rake the plugs up, however if you let them dry they will break apart and keep the nutrients and soil on the lawn.  Most plugs should be gone within 2-3 weeks.
- Mow your lawn.  This will help the plugs to break down and also helps to keep your lawn healthy.

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